Great Plains Abstract & Title Co.

The fastest title company in town.

Great Plains Abstract & Title Company gets you in, gets you out, and on with your day.

Friendly service. Trusted personnel. Time honored advice.

From escrow closings, to title insurance services, our digital database and Tract Books date from 1874! We know how to best serve you!

You have a choice in your title company. Choose Great Plains Abstract & Title Company, your key to a successful move.

Please allow us to introduce ourselves. Great Plains Abstract & Title is a computerized title plant. Because our database is also imaged, we are able to operate and look up actual documents in Gray County back to sovereignty. This advanced technology coupled with a professional experienced staff, enables us to serve our clients in a timely and efficient manner. The company exists to serve your needs in regard to title transfers and searches. An equal balance of correct information, computer efficiency, and personal service mark the foundation of our goals to serve you. We believe we add a new element of computerized imagery that sets us apart for your personal or businesses' benefit.